Membership Form

You could become a member of the Association and join those wanting to keep the Hall busy and successful. Anyone can apply to become a member. It does not cost you anything and, because the Association is now incorporated, members are not liable for the charity’s debts. You just need to complete the simple online application process below. It will take you less than five minutes.

Why become a Member

  • A member shows their support for the Hall and its future: an encouragement in uncertain times
  • As a member, you can participate in meetings and vote to ensure the Hall is run efficiently and effectively in the interests of local residents
  • Having a local membership helps us raise money. When we apply for grants to improve and extend the building, if we can show local backing then the Hall will have a much better chance of getting the money it needs
  • Every member will be sent regular news of what’s happening at the Hall, an invitation to the Annual Meeting and any Members’ General Meeting held in the year. Under the Association’s Constitution, the members elect the Trustees’ Committee each year and receive and vote on the Accounts and Annual Report